7mm WSM Custom Rifle...Joe Ponto: RPS Rifle Works


Thanks to Joe Ponto (RPS International) for his excellent work in putting this rifle together for me.


Nesika Model L, Long Action , Lilja 1:9 twist 30 inch bbl

Stock by Robertsons Composites (Nepean, Ontario)

Jewel Trigger, IOR 9-36 x 56mm Tactical Scope

Remple Ski Bipod

Groups from day 1, no load development, virgin brass.

Winchester 7mmWSM brass, 69gn H1000, Berger 7mm 180gn VLD, 3000fps.

5 shot group at 200 yards

5 shot groups at 100 yards

7mm WSM with Remple BiPod.

More Load Development

Impact at 300 yards with Berger 180gn VLD (Centre Hole)